#FULLYCHARGED Systems-Stories, Science, & Strategies to Skyrocket Success

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Success is not by chance, but by design. Julie Adams, PJ Caposey, and Rosa Isiah share the science and strategies to skyrocket success across all generations, as well as in all systems. In their book, #FULLYCHARGED Systems-Stories, Science, & Strategies to Skyrocket Success, expertly weave the latest insights from neuroscience, education, system efficiency, and leadership to provide you the knowledge ad skills to design a system that grows excellence. In that regard, the book details powerful strategies that can be easily implemented to enhance performance. Initially, this next-generation text provides an overview of how individuals can systematically implement a strategy for increasing success in those with whom they work. Then, the book looks at the research concerning the developing young brain. As such, the text explains how the mind influences both the brain and the body, as well as discusses why a person's mindset matters. Next, this innovative resource examines why an individual's mental and physical health matters. In that regard, the book outlines why it is important for people to live by principles, rather than by feelings. In turn, the book reviews several healthy stress-management strategies and points out how they can recharge themselves naturally. Then, this cutting-edge book explores how individuals can achieve a level of suitable equilibrium between these personal and professional sides of their lives. As such, the authors emphasize the need for people to intentionally manage their energy, as well as their time, in order to develop a sense of work-life fitness that is appropriate for them. Subsequent chapters address how to foster positive and powerful relationships, why diversity and inclusion should be valued, and whats involved inn achieving purpose and self-actualization. In each area, the text features specific strategies that can be utilized by individuals to "charge their batteries." As such, the book challenges each reader concerning whether "they're ready to get #FULLYCHARGED?