Functional-Strength and Flexibility Training for Golf

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Richard Borden, Eric Kleven
90 minutes
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Featuring Richard Borden's considerable strength and conditioning and academic teaching background and Eric Kleven's extensive PGA golf teaching experiences, Functional-Strength and Flexibility Training for Golf is the perfect resource for golfers who want to hit the ball farther and with more accuracy. The DVD emphasizes the fact that simply increasing a golfer's basic strength is not the key to better performance on the golf course. Instead of a gym-based exercise program, the DVD focuses on the major factors in golf performance: timing, flexibility, balance, and functional strength. The functional strength aspect of their total program is designed to emphasize those exercises that are functionally close to those movements on the golf course. The program in the DVD is designed to facilitate balance, coordination, flexibility, and timing-each of which is tied in to a functional-strength program that simulates actual golf movements. The program detailed in the DVD offers several major advantages to golfers, including allowing individuals to train on their own, with minimal equipment, enhancing their ability to hit the ball a greater distance, improving their capacity to stay on the practice range longer without tiring to enhance golf skills, and developing greater muscle dynamics and support to reduce the incidence of injuries.

Among the topics covered:
  • Warm-ups
  • General strengthening for the upper body
  • General strengthening for the lower body
  • Exercises for simulating the golf swing
  • The golf swing
  • Exercises for the back swing
  • Exercises for the down swing and the follow-through
  • Stretching
  • Core strengthening
  • Balance