How to Present Interesting, Informative, and Readable Slides

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James S. Skinner
57 minutes
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How to Present Interesting, Informative, and Readable Slides discusses the key factors essential to developing effective slides. The DVD points out that simplicity is essential. As such, the audience needs to get something out of the slides. In the classroom, presenters have time to explain everything on their slides, given that the students should be relatively prepared to receive the information included on the slides. With a general audience, on the other hand, because neither factor exists, simple and informative slides are key. The DVD explains that the audience can read or listen, but not both at same time. As such, presenters should keep in mind that slides are for the audience, not for them. Accordingly, presenters should not read their slides.

Among the topics covered:

• General guidelines
• Slide structure
• Bullet points
• Fonts
• Color
• Graphs
• Spelling and grammar
• Tips on presenting