Introduction to Kettlebell Training for Fitness Professionals

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Steve Cotter
47 minutes
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Introduction to Kettlebell Training for Fitness Professionals offers a resource for personal trainers who want to learn more about kettlebell training and how to apply it to their fitness-based business. The DVD covers a number of key factors involved in kettlebell training, including the history and benefits of kettlebell training, an explanation of how to choose the appropriate kettlebell to achieve an exerciser's goals, and an overview of several basic kettlebell exercises. In addition, the DVD details the key principles (mechanics and breathing) that form the foundation for each movement, as well as outlines safe and proven progressions that can be employed with kettlebell training.

Among Topics Covered:

• Body positioning
• Proper breathing
• One-hand swing
• The clean
• The press
• The push-press
• Squats
• Increasing the difficulty
• Core training