Medical Nutrition, Diet, and Obesity Programs

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Amy Blansit
42 minutes
Medical Nutrition, Diet, and Obesity Programs provides a compelling overview of the obesity epidemic, including a look at how the problem has evolved over time to reach its current state. The DVD also looks at several trends that are occurring in obesity programming. In addition, the DVD points out the desired outcomes in obesity programs for patients and families, as well as for hospitals. The DVD also reviews the underlying factors that need to be addressed to help ensure that obese patients have “emotional safety” and details a list of recommended steps that can be undertaken to help increase the effectiveness of hospital-based obesity treatment efforts.

Among the topics covered: 

• The epidemic
• Background of the overweight problem
• Changes in school systems
• Obesity programs
• Desired outcomes for patients and families
• Desired outcomes for hospitals 
• Emotional safety Recommendations
• Challenges for obesity treatment programs
• Changing the environment