Obesity Trends: Update and Insights

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Amy Blansit
63 minutes
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Obesity Trends: Update and Insights provides a comprehensive overview of the obesity crisis and points out the positive role that medical wellness professionals can play in addressing this issue. The DVD discusses common perceptions (past and present) that individuals often hold concerning obesity, particularly the morbidly obese. The DVD also looks at a number of the current treatment approaches for obesity that are frequently undertaken. In addition, the DVD details several of the more effective strategies that can be employed to help individuals lose weight. In that regard, the DVD emphasizes the fact that in order to be effective any plan that focuses on weight loss must include some effort that targets behavior modification.

Among the topics covered: 

• Obesity perceptions 
• Common trends in treatment 
• Weight loss strategies 
• PCP treatment plans 
• Behavior management 
• Social cognitive theory 
• Self-management/responsibility 
• Nutrition/exercise 
• Future