The Crisis of Obesity: Is it Reversible?

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Russell Pate, Shellie Pfohl, John M. Jakicic
49 minutes
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The Crisis of Obesity: It is Reversible? features a panel of renowned experts who examine the relationship between non-genetic components (e.g. physical activity and nutrition) and obesity and discuss how altering energy balance affects weight loss. The DVD explores the misplaced focus on the treatment of obesity, rather than the prevention of this major public health issue. The DVD also looks at the federal program, Let`s Move, initiated by Michelle Obama, aimed at solving the challenge of childhood obesity within the period of a generation. Finally, the DVD reviews selected research studies on energy balance and explores the interaction of factors that influence this model.

Among the topics covered:
  • Introduction and clarification of terms: obesity, crisis, reversible (Russell Pate)
  • "The game plan of Let`s Move!" (Shellie Pfohl)
  • Balancing the obesity crisis: physical activity versus diet (John M. Jakicic)