Office-Based Physical Activity Promotion: Current Evidence, Future Directions

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Elizabeth A. Joy, Edward M. Phillips, Kevin Patrick, David M. Buchner
74 minutes
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The (5) presentations from theExercise is Medicine Symposium at the 2010 ACSM annual meeting in howthe medical community can take the lead in educating individuals(patients) about the importance of physical activity in promoting healthand preventing disease are included on a single DVD. Almost two fullhours of authoritative information and ideas, featuring:

• Introduction (Elizabeth Joy)
• Components of a Successful Counseling Program (Edward M. Phillips)
• Office-Based Strategies for Promoting Physical Activity in Children and Adolescents (Kevin Patrick)
• Counseling Patients With Chronic Disease (David M. Buchner)
• Office-Based Physical Activity Promotion: Special Populations (Elizabeth Joy)