Pool Circuits for Older Adults

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Gay Elliott
89 minutes
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One of the primary goals when working with older adults in theaquatic environment is to keep it fun, simple, and effective, whileensuring their comfort in the pool. Circuit training is a great way tokeep water-exercise participants moving and cognizant of theirintensity. Pool Circuits for Older Adults details how to keep theseindividuals engaged and energized, while providing a workout thatis safe and effective. The DVD features recipes for cooking up circuitclasses in the pool. The DVD shows shallow, deep, and mixedcircuits, as well as interval and alternative circuits. The DVD alsoexplains why circuit and interval classes are a great alternative tostandard fitness classes.

Among the topics covered:
  • Warm-up
  • Circuit #1
  • Circuit #2
  • Circuit #3
  • Circuit #4
  • Circuit #5
  • Circuit #6