Raising Fit Kids

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Robert S. Gotlin
46 minutes
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Raising Fit Kids explores and defines options that can enhance the level of health and general well-being of kids. In lieu of the fact that childhood obesity and morbidity have reached almost epidemic proportions in the United States, the DVD looks at various lifestyle factors that impact kid's health and that must be addressed if the situation is to be reversed. The DVD examines why kids aren't physically fit and offers suggestions and strategies for making children more physically active. In addition, the DVD features advice for both coaches and parents concerning the appropriate way to interact with children in an exercise or sports environment.

Among topics covered:

 • Steroids
 • Alcohol
 • Cigarettes
 • Exercise vs diet
 • Survey
 • Research
 • Where else are kids lacking the opportunity to get physically fit?
 • Team vs individual sports
 • Stretching
 • Age-appropriate activities
 • Advice for coaches and parents
 • Injuries