Regular to Ripped: High Intensity Interval Training

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Michael Bracko, Laura J. Kruskall, Heather Chambliss, John P. DiFiori
51 minutes
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High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the newest and most exciting workoutin the fitness industry. Although employed for decades by athletes, it hasbecome one of the most popular forms of exercise for “fitness-athletes".Regular to Ripped: High Intensity Interval Training details some of the mostpopular HIIT programs, as well as an applied review of the numerous researchstudies on the benefits and risks of HIIT. The DVD explores what HIIT can dofor exercisers as it relates to caloric expenditure, resting metabolic rate,weight loss, and fitness benefits. The DVD also features a panel discussion bySummit faculty who discuss the pros and cons of HIIT from their perspective.