Retention Unleashed-Turning Memberships Into Relationships

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Rob Hale
103 minutes
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Retention Unleashed-Turning Memberships Into Relationships looks at several of the key factors that drive retention in a health/fitness club. The DVD also points out the fact that within the setting of a health/fitness club, fitness and retention go hand in hand. In that regard, the DVD discusses the need for clubs to create positive fitness experiences for their members. The DVD reviews three retention-related issues: the importance for a club to focus more on retention than on revenue; the need for club members to perceive that the facility places greater emphasis on interactions than on transactions; and finally, the need for members (in general) to feel that they get an experience, as opposed to a workout, in the club.

Among the topics covered: 

• What got us here won't get us there 
• What do we know about retention? 
• What drives retention? 
• Is it rocket science? 
• What do we know about motivation? 
• Self-determination theory 
• Machines don't motivate people, we do 
• The best action to take is interaction 
• Create an environment where retention is inevitable