Strength and Stability Training for the Back and Core

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Mike Bracko
59 minutes
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Strength and Stability Training for the Back and Core detailsthe best exercises for enhancing the strength and stability level ofthe back and core. This DVD is designed for a variety of individualsincluding, exercise professionals, health/fitness enthusiasts, strengthand conditioning coaches-anyone who wants to better understandhow to effectively develop these two essential areas of the body.Featuring a progression that begins with modified or worksite exercises,next moves to intermediate exercises, and then finishes with advancedexercises, the DVD includes a combination of vertical movements,horizontal floor work, and pelvic stability activities, as well as exercisesthat employ medicine balls, stability balls, and BOSU. Not only arethe exercises appropriate for all levels of fitness, but also for helpingprevent back injuries and enhancing sport performance.

Among the topics covered:

• Beginning back and core series
• The importance of maintaining a neutral spine
• Modified front plank, side plank and bird dog
• Front plank
• Side plank
• Stability ball crunches
• Pelvis stabilization
and many more...