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Lawrence Biscontini
56 minutes
In Tai-Chi-C!, renowned group exercise leader Lawrence Biscontini presents an insightful overview of Tai Chi – one of the most popular mind-body fitness programs in existence today. In recent years, the popularity of Tai Chi in the Western fitness community has grown exceptionally. Appropriate for both exercise enthusiasts and fitness instructors, this DVD explains and demonstrates a fitness version of the Yang short form of the Tai Chi Chuan movement form that is designed to both relax and stimulate the body. In slow detail, Lawrence reviews several of the ancient forms of Tai Chi, including "wave hands like white, puffy clouds" and "white crane spreads its wings and prepares to fly in twilight sky."

Among the benefits that this DVD is designed to help achieve:
  • An increased sense of balance
  • A better understanding of the many purposes of Tai Chi
  • Better core stabilization
  • An increased level of brain/body/breath coordination
Produced in cooperation with the American Council on Exercise.