Take Your Offline Presence Online!

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Biray Alsac
78 minutes
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If fitness professionals want to connect with the Internet-savvyclient of today, it may be time to consider a more dynamic approachto developing their online presence. Take Your Offline PresenceOnline! details how to expand an individual's professional reachbeyond geographic boundaries and into a world market. The DVDreviews cost-effective ways to leverage this global audiencethrough the Web. The DVD also explains how fitness professionalscan develop online authority, enhance client–businesscommunication, and increase their access to popular Webfeatures like YouTube, Blogger, and Facebook, which havechanged the way individuals utilize the Web.

Among the topics covered:
  • Social bookmarking
  • Online chat or instant message
  • Text message and microblogging
  • Online communities and social networks
  • Blogs
  • Online media (audio and visual)