Maintenance: Take Your Facility Team to the Next Level

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Johnny Martin, Sterling Nell Leija
81 minutes
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The ever-flushing toilet, the never-flushing toilet. More importantly, even worse, the ever flushing budget! In reality, far too often, a situation exists in which each camp has its own personal maintenance or facilities nightmare. Maintenance: Take Your Facility Team to the Next Level is designed to serve as a resource for camps who want to give their facilities department the boost it needs and the attention it deserves. The DVD offers tips for developing a proactive philosophy concerning the reassessment of a camp's grounds and maintenance team. The DVD explains how camps can extend their facilities dollars by utilizing resources, making the most of donors and volunteers, and spending money to save money.

Among the topics covered:
• Create a philosophy for your facilities department
• What does a manager look like?
• Make the most of donors
• Resources