Resistance Training: Taking It to the Next Level

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Len Kravitz, William J Kraemer, John L. Ivy, Kathryn H. Schmitz
18 minutes
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Featuring four of the most respected health/fitness professionals in the field, Resistance Training: Taking It to the Next Level provides an overview of several current issues involving resistance exercise, including contemporary training techniques, special training considerations for obese and diabetic clients, performance nutrition, and controversial factors in resistance exercise. Featuring over three hours of information, ideas, and insights on a single disc, the DVD captures the pre-convention 2010 Atlanta ACSM Health/Fitness Summit symposium that focused on sharpening the resistance training skills of personal trainers and exercise professionals.

Among topics covered:

• Introduction (Len Kravitz)
• Advanced Training Techniques for Strength and Hypertrophy (William J. Kraemer)
• Nutrition for Muscle and Performance (John L. Ivy)
• Exercise and Strength Training for Obese and Diabetic Clients (Kathryn H. Schmitz)
• Current Controversies in Resistance Exercise (Len Kravitz)