The Aging of America: Implications for Exercise Programming

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Walter Thompson
55 minutes
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The Aging of America: Implications for Exercise Programming presents a review of the normal, yet irreversible, biological changes that occur in the various systems of the body as individual's age. This DVD examines the impact of those changes on an individual's level of functional capacity and discusses the implications of these changes for exercise programming.

Among the topics covered:
  • Target population description (general characteristics and mobility/locomotion capacity)
    • limited (ambulatory and wheelchair elderly)
    • frail elderly
    • bed patients
  • Osteological and cardiorespiratory changes in aging
    • cardiovascular
    • respiration
    • muscle and joints
    • bone
    • body composition and stature
  • Changes in functional capacity with age and implications for exercise programming
Produced in cooperation with the American College of Sports Medicine.