The Concussion Dilemma: Are We Headed in the Right Direction?

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Kevin Guskiewicz, Steve Broglio, Matthew Kuel, Robert C. Cantu
78 minutes
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The Concussion Dilemma: Are We Headed in the Right Direction?discusses the fact that sports-related concussion is a prevalent injuryamong collegiate athletes that has been studied extensively. On theother hand, as the DVD points out, one area that has not received muchattention from researchers is the effect of a concussion on thehealth-related quality of life of these athletes. In fact, athletes whoself-report a history of three or more concussions exhibit significantlylower scores on health-related, quality-of-life measures than athleteswith fewer or no concussions. The DVD details why these athletes need tobe monitored to prevent potential short- and long-term consequences ofthese deficits.