The Reality of the Calorie

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Edward T. Howley
78 minutes
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The Reality of the Calorie provides an overview of key factors related to the link between caloricexpenditure due to exercise and its importance in weight loss and fitness. In this regard, the DVDreviews several important considerations, including the use of the MET as a measure of exerciseintensity, the impact of exercise on the resting metabolic rate, the difference between theenergy cost of walking or running a mile, and how "moderate" exercise may be "vigorous."

Among the topics covered:
  • Which is better: diet or exercise?
  • Magic of the MET
  • Does training affect the resting metabolic rate?
  • Energy cost of walking vs. running
  • "Best" exercise for expending calories
  • What is moderate activity?
Produced in cooperation with the American College of Sports Medicine.