Training Times Two-Partner Training

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Krista Popowych
88 minutes
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In the personal training profession where burnout is a sad reality, diversification is key. In that regard, partner training is one of the most effective ways to create both a diverse and financially rewarding schedule. Training Times Two-Partner Training discusses solid business ideas, reviews marketing strategies, and provides sample partner-training workouts. The DVD explainshow to successfully handle two clients at once by creating andorganizing a client-centered environment, while managingpartner-specific goals and needs. The DVD also details why partnertraining can be more economical for clients, as well as make soundbusiness sense for the trainer. In turn, the DVD illustrates why“training times two” is twice the fun with double the results.

Among the topics covered:
  • Payment (fee schedule)
  • Profits (revenues)
  • Packages
  • Policies
  • Programming