Wellness for Older Adults 101

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Christian Thompson, George McGlynn
274 pages
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A great deal of knowledge is presently available concerning the physical, mental, and social aspects of aging. Despite this information, an alarming amount of misconception and stereotypes still exists. The main purpose of this text is to provide information in a manner that is relevant, reliable, and understandable in order to rebut the common misconceptions and confusion surrounding the physical, mental, and social changes confronting older individuals. Another focus of the book is to explain what older adults need to do to maintain an appropriate level of wellness and physical fitness.
    Each chapter in the book not only presents current scientific evidence on the present status of aging changes, but also details options for dealing with those changes. In addition, each chapter provides a basis in order to build optimal health, vitality, and well-being for a calmer and better life balance.


Chapter 1: What Is Aging? 
Chapter 2: Preventive and Personal Health Conditions 
Chapter 3: Changing Behavior and Motivation 
Chapter 4: Starting a Program 
Chapter 5: Balance and Falls Prevention 
Chapter 6: Starting Your Endurance Program 
Chapter 7: Muscle Strength and Endurance 
Chapter 8: Nutrition 
Chapter 9: Weight Control 
Chapter 10: Medication 
Chapter 11: Maintaining Your Mental Health 
Chapter 12: Risks and Protection for Your Health 
Chapter 13: Sexuality 
Appendix A: Vitamins and Minerals-How Much Is Too Much? 
Appendix B: A Few Food Safety Tips 
Appendix C: USDA Recommended Dietary Guidelines 
Appendix D: Getting the Right Shoes 
Appendix E: Finding a Personal