2006 NSCA National Conference Day 2 Sessions

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National Strength and Conditioning Association
113 minutes
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The (8) presentations from the second day of the 2006 NSCA National Conference are featured on this 3-disc DVD set. Over six hours of authoritative information on strength training, conditioning, and exercise science, including sessions on:
  • Neuro-Biomechanics of Maximum Velocity Running Mechanics (Loren Seagrave)
  • Effective Use of Video Feedback & Analysis for Improved Lifting Performance (Harvey Newton)
  • Steroid Education and Awareness (William Kraemer, David Ellis, & Michael Barnes)
  • Advanced Topics in the Periodization of Training (G. Gregory Haff)
  • Deceleration Method (Martin Rooney)
  • Training the Missing Links (Michael Castrogiovanni)
  • Strength and Conditioning to Build Champion Wrestlers (John Hanrahan)
  • Research Trends in Low-Back Pain: Re-Thinking Our Approach to Exercise and Rehabilitation Protocols (Kenneth T. Cieslak)

Produced in cooperation with the National Strength and Conditioning Association.