Core Stability and Strengthening: Facts and Myths

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Ajit Chaudhari, Chris McKenzie
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Core Stability and Strengthening: Facts and Myths presents a historical background of the issues and offers a practical definition of core strength and stability, as well as discusses the implications of these factors as they pertain to injuries and performance in athletes. Given that ability to control one's body during sporting activities is paramount for performance, safety, and success, many recent authors have focused their research on investigating the relationship of the spine, abdomen, and pelvis as they relate to movement, mechanics, and performance. In fact, the term core stability was made popular in the late 1990s by two authors who cited a need for active support to the spine through interabdominal pressure and tensioning of the thoraco-lumbar fascia and deep lumbar stabilizers. On the other-hand, despite the popular use of the term “core stability,” no single definition has been agreed upon or used consistently in practice and in the literature to date.