Creative Total-Body Exercises Your Client Will Love

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Rodney Corn
106 minutes
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Fitness professionals seem to have a never-ending need to acquire more exercises for their professional toolkit. These additional exercises can serve a number of purposes, including to burn calories or enhance performance. One of the most efficient and effective ways to develop more exercises is to simply combine them. Creative Total-Body Exercises Your Client Will Love presents an overview of a simple system that can be used to safely and expeditiously create a multitude of total-body exercises. The DVD also details several examples of “combination” exercises.

Among the Topics Covered:
  •  Why total-body exercises?
  • How should they be implemented?
  • Total-body exercise-development chart
  •  Developing exercises
  •  Practice: dumbbells
  • Practice: tubing/cable
Produced in cooperation with IDEA Health & Fitness Association.