Exercise Modifications for Clients with DDI (Difficulty Doing It)

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Annette Lang
61 minutes
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What is DDI? No, it is not a new orthopaedic joint condition. DDI simply means “difficulty doing it!” Personal trainers are frequently looking for exercise modifications for their senior clients. Exercise Modifications for Clients With DDI (Difficulty Doing It) emphasizes the fact that age alone is not necessarily a reason to require exercise modifications. In fact, numerous reasons exist why personal trainers might need to adjust an exercise to adapt to the individual situation of their clients. As the DVD details, exercise modifications should be made for clients who have difficulty doing an exercise, not just because they are of a certain age.

Among the topics covered:
  • Core progressions that can be done sitting or against the wall for clients who have difficulty getting down onto the floor to do traditional exercises
  • Creative exercise options, such as manual resistance for clients who have discomfort in grabbing and/or holding weights or grips
  • Exercise modifications for developing power and agility to help maintain dynamic joint stability and enhance bone integrity
  • Isometric exercises for clients who have discomfort moving or holding certain ranges of motion
Produced in cooperation with the American Council on Exercise.