Engaging Members in the 21st Century

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JR Anciano
38 minutes
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Engaging Members in the 21st Century addresses the challenges that the attrition issue presents for the health/fitness club industry. The DVD points out that while the industry lost over $47 billion last year due to attrition, clubs can effectively tackle the problem of member attrition, by focusing on quantifiable results and employing social technologies. In that regard, the DVD details the primary reasons that people drop their club membership. Using the strategic approach recommended by GymGroups as a fundamental premise, the DVD outlines and explains a 3-step solution to the problem of attrition: implement a private social media platform; establish an enhanced sense of belonging in members; and ensure that members have relatively easy access to personal trainers.

Among the topics covered: 

• Why do gym goers quit? 
• The solution 
• Walkthrough 
• GymGroups® vs. Facebook pages 
• Welcome screen 
• Newsfeed 
• Profile pages 
• Subgroups