Enhanced Skating Performance for Hockey With Sliding Discs

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Mike Bracko
50 minutes
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Enhanced Skating Performance for Hockey With Sliding Discs details the training techniques that can be employed to enhance skating performance using sliding discs. The DVD explains why a slidingdisc is a new and exciting training tool and how this tool can be effectively incorporated into technical training to improve all 27 skating characteristics. The DVD also discusses how conditioning drills can beused for hockey-specific training. The DVD is designed as a resource for anyone who wants to improve the skating performance and conditioning level of hockey players. The drills and exercises covered in the DVD offer a fun and challenging alternative to a regular workout routine.

Among the topics covered:

• Foot placement & stride movement
• Lateral strides
• Lateral strides, wide with deep knee bend
• 2 & 3 strides to each side
• Maintain a game situation focus
• Quick strides
• Cross-overs
• Backwards C-cuts
• Conditioning drills
• Stickhandle ball