Fall Prevention Training: Improving Balance, Posture, and Gait With Kettlebells

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Emily Splichal
78 minutes
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Gait and posture are complex tasks that placeconsiderable demands on the body's central and peripheral nervoussystems. Multiple sensory modalities, including vestibular, visual,musculosensory, and plantar cutaneous receptors, are involved in theorganization and control of human erect posture. Accordingly, the bestapproach to develop a fall-reduction program is to include both balancetraining, and strength training, as well as flexibility training, in theindividual's exercise program. FallPrevention Training: Improving Balance, Posture, and Gait WithKettlebells details how to incorporate kettlebell training into afall-reduction program, thereby adding an innovative twist to any basicbalance and flexibility exercise.

Among the topics covered:
  • Fall facts
  • What is balance?
  • Proprioception
  • Posture and fall reduction
  • Role of the foot and ankle in balance
  • Fall prevention
  • Why kettlebells are so important