Leading Your Team to Increased Membership Sales Success

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Mark Miller
105 minutes
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Leading Your Team to Increased Membership Sales Success addresses the fact that an organization's success is directly correlated to its vision. In that regard, the DVD points out that it is essential that a health/fitness club is clear about what success means to it. The DVD also looks at the basic difference between managing sales and leading sales. In addition, the DVD details why it is necessary for clubs to align their culture to drive their strategy for being successful. As such, the DVD outlines five key steps that clubs that want to achieve success in their membership sales should undertake.

Among the topics covered: 

• Managing sales 
• Leading sales 
• Align your culture to drive strategy 
• Key 1: vision 
• Key 2: strategy aka systems 
• Key 3: you get what you get based on what you do with all this 
• Key 4: it always starts with who 
• Final key: position your club for success