Metabolic Training for Results

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Fabio Comana
46 minutes
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Exercisers become frustrated with ineffective cardio programs that fail to deliver. Likewise, most fitness professionals are dismayed when their programs fail to hit their targeted weight-loss goals or are unable to push clients through plateaus. In many instances, blame for these failures can be attributed to the inherent limitations of the older standardized programming guidelines that are currently in use. For example, it makes little sense to use maximum heart rate (MHR)-based programs when MHR offers no correlation to performance. Metabolic Training for Results explains how new cutting-edge metabolism-based programs can be employed to achieve weight loss and enhance performance, based on individual metabolic markers.

Among Topics Covered:

 • Low-intensity exercise vs. high-intensity exercise
• Cardio training • Research on excess post-exercise oxygen consumption
• Training adaptations
• Create a system
• Resistance training