Metabolic Training: The New Cardio Program

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Fabio Comana
112 minutes
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Not surprisingly, most individuals become very frustrated with ineffective cardio programs that fail to deliver, e.g., programs that fail to hit weight-loss goals or are unable to push athletes through plateaus. More often than not, the situation can be attributed to the older standardized programming guidelines that are still employed by many trainers. As such, the issue arises concerning why maximum heart rate-based programs are used when MHR offers no correlation to performance? In fact, metabolism is as unique as a fingerprint, so cardio programs need to be equally unique. Metabolic Training: The New Cardio Program shows how to use new cutting-edge metabolism-based programs for weight loss and performance based on specific individual metabolic markers.

Among the Topics Covered:
  • Traditional cardiovascular programming
  • Metabolism-based testing and training
  • Physiology of metabolic markers
  • Programming with VT1
  • Programming with VT1 and VT2
  • Training the anaerobic energy pathways
Produced in cooperation with IDEA Health and Fitness Association.