NASE Essentials of Next-Generation Sports Speed Training

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Dr. George Blough Dintiman
342 pages
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In this modern era of sports, it has been clearly demonstrated that the correct type of training can produce dramatic improvement in the playing speed (start, acceleration, maximum speed, change of direction speed) of athletes in a wide variety of individual and team sports. NASE Essentials of Next-Generation Sports Speed Training is a comprehensive book that provides the details of these training programs, based on the analysis of over 700 studies, to present research-based, yet reader-friendly, information that coaches and athletes can easily apply. As would be expected, conflicting research findings exist in some areas of this broad content field of speed improvement. In reality, these differences can be due to the selection of subjects (number and composition), study design flaws, or other factors. Nevertheless, data provide the pathway to determining key training programs that favorably impact each phase of a sprint during sports competition.

In addition to research findings, the accumulation of knowledge from strength, conditioning, and speed coaches, track coaches, and elite sprinters, goes beyond helping athletes improve linear or straight-line velocity. It emphasizes the improvement of “playing speed” involving the skills and multidirectional movements performed during competition. No stone has been left unturned in providing coaches and athletes with the practical information that they need to develop an effective speed improvement program for players in various positions in their sport.

The author possesses a diverse array of unique skills, experience, and training, dating back to 1960. His background includes work with athletes at all levels of competition to improve playing speed. It also entails the publication of nine books on sports speed, as well as hundreds of articles on improving athletic performance, spanning a period of over 50 years.

As Such, NASE Essentials of Next-Generation Sports Speed Training is the definitive resource for any athlete who wants to improve their level of speed. In step-by-step fashion, this compelling book details the key concepts involved in speed development, offers a proven five-step for improving playing speed, and explains how to apply this key information to sports training.