NSCA Youth Fitness Symposium

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National Strength and Conditioning Association
108 minutes
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The (12) presentations from the two-day NSCA Youth Fitness Symposium are featured on two extended-play DVDs. Over ten hours of authoritative information on the scientific basis for developing youth fitness programs, including:

  • Kids Are Not Miniature Adults: Understanding the Physical and Psychological Uniqueness of Children and Adolescents
  • It's No Fun, I Quit! Helpful Strategies for Motivating Youth
  • General Preparation for Aspiring Young Athletes
  • Fueling Tactics for Youth
  • Med Ball for All
  • Sand-Bag Training for Youth
  • Bronze, Silver, and Gold Progressive Plyometric Programs for Young Athletes
  • Program Design Considerations for Maximizing Fun, Fitness, Safety, and Performance
  • Effective Strategies for Training Elite Youth Athlete
  • How Much is Too Much? Overtraining, Overreaching, and Burnout in Youth Athletes
  • Developing a Youth Training Program on a Limited Budget (Round-Table Discussion)
  • Teaching the Olympic Lifts

Produced in cooperation with the National Strength and Conditioning Association.