Olympic Lifting for the Female Athlete

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Stephanie Ciarelli
110 minutes
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Olympic Lifting for the Female Athlete presents a detailed overview of the proper mechanics, positions, and techniques involved in performing the Olympic lifts-the snatch and the clean and jerk. Appropriate for women athletes in all sports and at all competitive levels, the DVD explains and demonstrates step-by-step instructions for teaching and performing the Olympic lifts.

Among the topics covered:
  • Special considerations for female athletes
  • The value of Olympic lifts
  • The importance of technique
  • Teaching the Olympic lifts
  • Safety considerations
  • The power clean
  • Start with the clean, thenmove to the snatch
  • The path of the bar
  • The jerk
  • The back squat
  • The front squat
  • Combination lifts
  • Female upper-body strength
  • Lift demonstrations
  • How to start a strength-training program