Physioball Core, Flexibility, and Functional-Strength Exercises for Seniors

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Donna Borden
44 minutes
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Physioballs or Swiss exercise balls are commonly used in physical therapy for rehabilitation. In the past several years, however, they have been utilized in general strength-fitness and flexibility programs. Physioball Core, Flexibility, and Functional-Strength Exercises for Seniors features a strength-fitness and flexibility program that incorporates Physioballs, as well as floor mats and an individual's own bodyweight, for a mild-to-vigorous program to enhance and develop basic strength, flexibility, and balance. The program featured on the DVD is easy to follow and can be used by an individual or in small-to-large groups. Although the programs in the DVD were designed for senior adults, the exercises can be employed by people of all ages and abilities. The exercise programs are appropriate for a beginner, as well as a person seeking a more advanced training program.

The functional strength-training program in the DVD emphasizes the muscles of the core, while strengthening the whole body. Donna utilizes her extensive knowledge and background in physical therapy to build a combination of traditional strength-training exercises and stability exercises to help strengthen the parts of the body that are used the most, such as the abdominal and back muscles. This form of training is ideal for anyone who wants to condition their body, particularly the core muscle groups.