The Art and Science of Member Delight

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Stephen Tharrett & Mark Williamson
64 minutes
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The Art and Science of Member Delightintroduces the "Member Value Equation"and its importance in shaping business strategies that can enhance member delight,member loyalty, and member advocacy. Initially, the DVD provides an in-depth lookat the components of the value equation. Next, the DVD discusses member loyaltymetrics, including the net promotor score (NPS)—emphasizing the importance ofmeasuring and monitoring various loyalty metrics that help ensure that clubs arefocused on delivering a relevant, aspirational, and inspiring experience for clubmembers. The DVD concludes with a review of what members indicate are thereal drivers of membership value and how these factors can translate to enhancedmembership retention and membership tenure.

Among the topics covered:
  • The purchase decision process
  • The member value equation
  • Strong emotional engagement creates members delight
  • The value drivers can shift from transactional to emotional after joining!
  • When you remove features but don`t change the price, value drops
  • The net promotor score NPS
  • The big four measures for member loyalty
  • What drives loyalty?
  • How do you know what`s important?
  • Five keys to driving member tenure
  • The lifetime value of a customer