Training on Unstable Surfaces

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Mike Bracko
75 minutes
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Training on Unstable Surfaces explains why this issue is currently of great interest in both the fitness industry and the sports training arena. The DVD details why training on unstable surfaces offers numerous other benefits, in addition to training the core. Not only does this research-to-practice DVD review the objective evidence about the effectiveness of BOSU®, stability balls, Dyna discs, Wobble boards, and vibrating surfaces, it also features a practical application of each modality, including an explanation and demonstration of each exercise. The information in this comprehensive DVD is designed to help individuals better understand that they have access to a variety of different work-outs, using unstable and stable surfaces, that can enhance their levels of exercise satisfaction, retention, and exercise enjoyment.

Among the topics covered:

• Research on BOSU®
• Unstable surfaces research
• Research in stability ball training
• Vibration training research
• Take-home conclusions
• Exercise demonstrations